Words of Encouragement

You can only be lifted up if you want to be lifted up.
When we fall, we shouldn’t stay down for long, we must want to get back up again.
I know that seems like an obvious statement but often when I fail, I find myself wallowing in self pity for too long instead of repenting, asking for forgiveness and continuing with the work God has called me to do.
However, it’s not that easy when the situation seems to be totally out of our  control, when it’s a break down in relationship or a circumstance that has knocked us off our feet. Understandably, we feel weak, both physically and emotionally.
It is at those moments that we need to cry for help. With the little energy that we do have, we must cry out to God, call on His Name.
Bringing ourselves in alignment with God’s thoughts over us is best. He doesn’t enjoy seeing us down and wants us to be lifted up again, to become strong again.
Whatever the world throws at us, we can rise above it and we can overcome it because we have an Overcomer living inside us.
Furthermore, we have God’s powerful Word encouraging us and feeding us with the truth. If we are rooted and grounded in God’s Word by meditating day and night and allowing His truth to flow in our minds and to remain in our hearts, when trials do come, it can be harder to get knocked off our feet.
We can therefore pray and ask God to help us before difficulties do arise or before stress or frustration begin to surface based on circumstances.
God is in control of everything and He is ready to help us. We can rise up against every situation because God is on our side.

What I’ve learned is that it can be very easy to become consumed by the circumstance but it’s very important to not let that happen. Allowing your mind to wander to the things of God is part of the process. However difficult the situation is, keep thanking God and seeking His face as you meet with Him and rest in His glorious presence. Surrender the situation to Him and leave it with Him. No longer carry the weight of these problems.

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