Love never ends

‘Love is patient and kind, not jealous, not boastful, not proud, rude or selfish, not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not gloat over other people’s sins but takes its delight in the truth. Love always bears up, always trusts, always hopes, always endures’.
1 Corinthians 13 verses 4‭- to 7


The Gift

Grace is what keeps us in communication with God. It’s grace that awakens the connectivity signal and allows for a relationship to be created, maintained and developed into intimacy.
  It is not our good works that keeps us in right standing with The Father. Works do not even come close. It’s all about God and His love lavished on us.
  Could we even begin to imagine what life would be like if salvation was based on good works? If this was true, each day will be filled with frustration as to how we are failing. Sinful desires and thoughts are very real in this world and we would have to rely on our good works to balance out the sins we commit. Therefore, if salvation was based on how ‘good’ we were, we would have nothing to fall back on and God cannot stand sins and because of this hatred for sin, He could never allow it into His Kingdom.
It is only through the blood Jesus shed on the cross that we can be in a relationship with God, once we ask to be cleansed from your sins.
  Sin became a part of human nature at the Garden of Eden. We must therefore part with our old desire to sin before we can live in unity with God.

‘All have sinned and are not good enough for God’s glory, and all need to be made right with God by His grace, which is a free gift. They need to be made free from sin through Jesus.’ Romans 3:23 and 24

This is beyond what humans can do.

If you believe that salvation is of yourself, you are claiming to have the supernatural power necessary, which can cause pride.

‘I mean that you have been saved by grace through believing. You did not save yourselves, it was a gift from God’. Ephesians 2:8

If you believe that salvation is of God, you are speaking in one accord with God and can therefore live in humility, thankfulness and reverence.

We need The Almighty God in our lives. At those days when we feel emotionally, physically and spiritually weak, it is God we turn to.

Grace is a free gift. A gift we should be thankful for each day. For if God hadn’t purchased this gift through His precious Son, we could not be in constant communication with Him.

Grace makes that possible.