Hear The Word of God

‘Hear the word of God, people of Israel! For God has a grievance against the inhabitants of the land: there is no truth, no faithful love or knowledge of God in the land; only swearing and lying, killing and stealing and committing adultery! They break all bounds, with one blood crime following another.’
Hosea 4 verses 1‭ and 2


God can use you. A study on David and Goliath.

God is bigger than a giant.
David was just a boy, but Someone powerful was living in Him. This story highlights that God is prepared to use anyone that loves Him. He doesn’t want you to say, ‘I’m only young’, ‘I’m not a good speaker’, ‘I’m only a girl or I’m only a boy’.

David saw that how Goliath was speaking was wrong. This is what he said about Goliath,
‘This uncircumcised Philistine will be like the lions and bears I’ve killed, because he has spoken against the armies of The Living God. The Lord Who saved me from a lion and bear will save me from this Philistine’. 1 Samuel 17 verses 36 and 37

God looks at our hearts. David loved God and that is what drove him to stand against Goliath. He trusted God and knew that God was with him. He remembered how God had helped him in the past and knew that God would help him again.

David did not hold back because he was only a boy. He knew that God Who lives in him, is stronger than any man and giant.

Even when Goliath tried to bring David down, David remained bold and he said, ‘Everyone gathered here will know The Lord does not need swords or spears to save people. The battle belongs to Him, and He will hand you over to us’. 1 Samuel 17 verse 47

David defeated Goliath, meaning that The Philistines were no longer strong enough to win a war against The Israelites.

God can use you to impact the people you are surrounded with. God can use you to change situations around you with His power in you. God doesn’t look at your age or whether or not you are strong (or appear strong) enough. God looks at your heart. If you want to change things for the right reasons, God will help you. If God wants to choose someone to do a special task, He will look at their heart. If their heart is right and pure, He will choose them, strengthen them and help them.