Creation eagerly awaits

When is the time to allow God’s light to shine brightly in us and then through us?
The Bible tells us that the time is NOW.

‘The suffering we have now are nothing compared to the great glory that will be shown to us. Everything God made is waiting with excitement for God to show His children’s glory completely.’ Romans 8 verses 18 and 19

We belong to God and being children of God we should seek to do what has been commanded for us to do.
We are to be witnesses to those we are surrounded with by not only telling about how God has transformed us and how He has a better plan for their lives but even showing what it means to receive love from God and then to give out that genuine love to others in return.
The world is eagerly waiting.
Who will you impact?


The Light Of The World

Complex shapes such as prisms or diamonds are usually clear and colourless. However, something greater is released once light is permitted to pass through and therefore impacting the shape from a number of different angles. An array of colours are now released, with each colour holding a position of prominence.

This refraction of light can be closely linked to how we should live our Christian lives in a true reflection of The Light of The World. We have been chosen and have been made peculiar, only by the impact of God’s love which sent Christ to earth, His victorious death and His presence in us.

Just as prisms or diamonds, as humans, we are also complex and beautiful outcomes are brought about by God’s goodness and love shown to us.

Also, as The Light of The World shines in us, He reveals impurities in our characters and bad habits that do not align with God’s Word and His direction as to how we should live. However, once Christ shines His Light in us, therefore revealing those ugly traits, if we want to part with those traits, God helps us. He continues to work on us until we become the man or woman of faith that He created us to be. As Light shines in us, it will also shine through us. In this way, God will be glorified.

‘In the same way, you should be a light for other people. Live, that they will see the good things you do and will praise your Father in Heaven’. Matthew 5:16 

How can we shine if darkness is still in our hearts? How can we serve without purity in our hearts? In God’s Word, we are challenged to, ‘think and act like Christ Jesus'(Philippians 2:5), and to, ‘not let selfishness or pride to be our guide but instead be humble and give more honour to others than to yourselves’. (Philippians 2:3)

Allow Christ to shine, that as He radiates through you, others will see and will be drawn to Our Glorious King.